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Please Read Before Signing:

Marathon Scholars does not discriminate according to race, religion, physical disability, or sexual or gender identity or preference.


I hereby apply for membership as a Coach with Marathon Scholars. I understand that Marathon will interview me about my background, motivation, expectations, and other personal qualities that are relevant to my potential role the organization. I agree to supply Marathon Scholars with proof of my automobile insurance and it is attached above as Document 1. I agree to supply Marathon Scholars with a list of four references including 1 relative, 1 coworker, and 2 friends I've known for at least 2 years attached as document 2. I understand Marathon Scholars will review references and investigate any and all facts concerning my qualifications for becoming a Coach. I certify that all information provided by me in this application is complete, true, and accurate. I acknowledge that intentional omission or falsification of information will be cause for refusal of placement or immediate dismissal at any time during the period of my placement.


I understand that Marathon Scholars must prioritize the best interests of the Scholars at all times.

By completing this application, I understand that I am not obligated to accept nomination as a Marathon Coach. I further understand that Marathon Scholars is not obligated to accept my application as a Marathon Coach.

I understand that the statements I make to the staff of the agency will be held confidential within Marathon Scholars, unless disclosure is required by law. Specifically, I understand that incidents of child abuse or molestation, past or present, or threat of harm to oneself or others are issues that must be reported to proper authorities.  I understand that certain information about me will be discussed with the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the child with whom I am matched. If there is information that I do not want repeated, it is my responsibility to discuss this with Marathon Scholars Staff.


I agree to notify Marathon Scholars immediately of any changes in the information provided in this application.