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Program Questions
* Residing Community
* How did you learn about CME?
* What clubs or groups, if any, do you belong to?
My favorite subject in school was:
* My least favorite subject in school:
* What qualities would you like in a mentee?
* What individual has served as a role model for you? Why?
* If you could recommend one book for your mentee to read, what would it be?
* Have you ever been arrested for and/or convicted of any felony or misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation? If yes, please explain:
* Are you under current indictment or have a district/county attorney accepted an official complaint for any felony or misdemeanor against you? If yes, please explain:
* What would you like to do with a mentee?
* What characteristics do you believe a good mentor should possess?
* In addition to participating in CME workshops, attending CME sponsored events, and communicating regularly with the mentees, what other ways are you willing to be of assistance?
* Have you previously mentored a youth or teen through a formal program or worked with youth in another volunteer capacity? Yes No If yes, what was the name of the organization or program?
* What do you feel are strengths you can bring to this program?
* Will you agree to have College Mentoring Experience check your background through federal and state agencies for criminal records and child abuse and neglect proceedings?
* Have you ever been accused of child abuse? If yes, explain:
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