Basic Information
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Contact Information
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Home Phone
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Preferred Method of Communication
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* Date of Birth
Marital Status
Spouse First Name
Spouse Last Name
Military Service
Owns a Firearm
Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Use Histroy
Motivational Factors
Motivational Factors Other
Demographic Information
* Gender
Primary Language
Secondary Language
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Type of Disability
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Own Car
Drivers License
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Career Focused Interests
Career Focused Interests Comments
Mentor Preferences for Match
Age Range
Willing to be matched with mentee from home with a history of
School Name
Education Level
Date Expressed Interest
Recruitment Source
Target Audience
Program Questions
* Name and Contact Phone Number and Address for Mentor Emergency Contact
* Would you ever keep a secret for a mentee from the youth mentoring program staff?
* Do you have lingering concerns or comments about the volunteer mentor position you'd like to discuss with program staff in the mentor interview?
* Children's Friend and Family Services will run a full CORI/SORI background check on every applicant volunteer youth mentor. Is there anything the program staff may expect to see in the report of these checks?
* Please list four individuals we may contact for references. Note: references will not be contacted until after mentor interview and criinal/driving database record checks are completed. Applicant will be informed before reference calls are to be made.